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Gown & Gavel

The Scenario
The Gown & Gavel is a Hamilton institution as the leading pub in the trendy Hess Village. As business has skyrocketed over the years, the Gown has sought ways to increase their ability to serve. On a street where the patio is king, the Gown & Gavel needed to make sure nobody had to go inside for a drink.

The Solution
The Gown has used Bavco for a lot of their work (see the inside bar for an example), and never thought twice about tapping us for this project. A bright red stucco treatment caps the unique design qualities of the new exterior bar, complete with stainless steel top, and features all the amenities for serving both customers and wait staff.

The Result
The owner has seen instant improvement in the flow of traffic, and wait staff are able to get orders out faster than ever. That makes for more drinks sold, and happier customers.

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