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Camara Residence

The Scenario
Beside a crumbling farmhouse on an unused farm near Freelton, Lou Camara stood and surveyed his future home. He wanted the perfect home in the country, and he knew it was going to take more than a little money and inventiveness.

The Solution
We consider the Camara Residence one of our best works yet. We stripped the old farmhouse to the walls and completely rebuilt, adding a gorgeous sunroom on the side. Luxury was the watchword, and we provided, with exquisite finishings like timber ceiling beams and oak and brass kitchen fixtures. Outside, we built a barn the likes of which Southern Ontario hasn't seen in decades. And what kind of country paradise would it be without a stable?

The Result
The Camara Residence is worthy of magazine interior design spreads, and it has appeared in local home decorating magazines. The Camara's are thrilled, and have Bavco to thank for a job well done.

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